mlang: Correct and fill out Japanese locale information.

Aric Stewart aric at
Fri Jul 18 06:54:01 CDT 2008

(resent again after discussion)

Implement Japanese autodetect, JIS and EUC encoding conversions to
Unicode and back. These conversions  are not done in codepages but are
simple algorithems.

resent: properly with all Japanese Locales included. include
Unicode->JIS and Unicode->EUC as well as JIS->Unicode and EUC->Unicode.
EUC (51932 simples forwards to 20932)

JIS does not have hankata(half katakana) so when converting from SJIS to
JIS you need to remove that, coverting it to zenkata(full katakana)
also properly exit shifted when reaching the end of a SJIS string and
still shifted

   dlls/mlang/mlang.c |  484
   1 files changed, 476 insertions(+), 8 deletions(-)

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