[1/9] shell32: Remove "no control panels" found message

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Mon Jul 21 13:22:32 CDT 2008


This series of patches fixes various issues in the Control Panel, and 
makes it generally more compliant with Windows user interface 
guidelines. Full details:

- Removes the superflous "no control panels" found error - this is 
obvious due to the fact there are no icons displayed.

- Uses Unicode functions instead of ANSI in a couple of places, and make 
the window title localisable

- Adds a menu bar to the control panel, with options for launching each 
control panel (as the Windows [NT] 3.x control panel offers), and for 
altering the layout of the window

- Adds an about dialog to the control panel

- Replaces the existing method of painting icons and checking for a 
single click with a listview, requiring you now to double-click (or 
press ENTER) on an icon. Double-clicking is then compliant with the 
Windows design guidelines, and makes the whole experience more like that 
of the shell-based control panel. This also fixes a bug whereby the 
mouse cursor would disappear when hovering over the control panel, plus 
it allows the user to view the control panel description (in Detail mode).

- Adds a status bar to the control panel, which also shows the control 
panel description (eg, if in icon mode).

  dlls/shell32/control.c |    6 ------
  1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 6 deletions(-)


Owen Rudge
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