services.exe: don't crash if registry contrains a service without displayname (2nd try, fixes bug #13958)

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Fri Jul 25 06:08:47 CDT 2008

  This patch tries to solve the problem in another way than the previous 
patch - it guarantees that service->config.lpDisplayName is not NULL. I 
use a flag to mark that this is a default so that it is not stored in 
the registry. The patch can be simplified and this flag removed by 
changing ChangeServiceConfig to save only the fields that have changed 
(I didn't implement it as I seemed to remember a test on XP that 
CreateService, deleting the service registry key, ChangeServiceConfig 
recreated the whole config. But now I can't reproduce it, so maybe I 
remembered it wrong (or it changed in SP3?)) or add a small 
incompatibility that such implicit displaynames are saved.
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