winecfg: Fix overflow in the DPI field at the Graphics tab for DPI value bigger than 127

L. Rahyen research at
Tue Mar 4 15:43:36 CST 2008

	As I already explained on wine-devel patch [1] is wrong because winecfg 
currently cannot handle DPI values more than 127 nicely. However it was 
committed. Attached patch fixes winecfg so it can handle DPI values more than 
127 without problems.
	How to reproduce the problem in current git: run winecfg, set DPI to 
any value bigger than 127, close winecfg, run it again, go to Graphics tab 
and you will see 63 (for DPI <160) or -96 (if you tried to choose exactly 160 
DPI) instead of the DPI value you set at the previous run of winecfg.
	This is very confusing because if user set DPI to, say, 135 or 160, he/she 
expect to see that value at the next run of winecfg and definitely not 63 
or -96!
	Attached patch fixes this bug. This patch is based on the patch [2] by Nigel 

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