Implementing a new Direct3D function

tony.wasserka at tony.wasserka at
Sun Mar 9 12:35:16 CDT 2008

D3DXGetImageInfoFromFile takes the D3DXIMAGE_INFO structure as parameter,
which has changed between d3dx8 an dd3dx9_36 though.
This means you can't forward the D3DXGetImageInfoFromFile calls from d3dx9 to d3dx8,
(even if it is done like that atm, you should fix that an you patch) so you'll have to write two
versions of each.
Our plan for implementing d3dx was to keep any d3dx code away from wined3d, so you
don't have to change anything about that.
So basically all you have to do is
(1) implement the d3dx8 version of each function
(2) add them to the d3dx8 specfile
(3) implement the d3dx9_36 version of each function
(3) correct the d3dx9_36 specfile (i.e. remove the forwarding to d3dx8)

The d3dx9_24 to 35 dlls forward their calls to d3dx9_36, so they are okay, too.


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