services.exe[1/7]: add a new program

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Sun Mar 16 16:25:46 CDT 2008

  As I see there is an interest in the SCM I've updated the patches for 
the current Wine and fixed some bugs I've found. With this 
implementation iTunes 7.6 installs fine. However there is a serious 
problem - QueryServiceConfig crashes on the client side if 
SERVICE_CONFIG.lpLoadOrderGroup is not NULL  (PointerUnmarshal receives 
a bogus pointer in pSrcPointer and writes to it). It looks like a 
problem in rpcrt4. It can be seen by removing "#if 0" in tests in patch 
6. But I send the patches if someone would like to review them or know 
how to fix this bug.
  As in the previous series services.exe are started on demand by 
advapi32. Now that the services are started in wineboot it would be 
probably better to start services.exe there and make it start the 
services. But this can be easily changed later.
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