[1/13] WineD3D: Make the state table a property of the shader backend

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Sat Mar 22 09:09:59 CDT 2008

This is a resend of my patches from last week, with a few modifications:

-> shader backend changes and the atifs implementation are separated now. I am 
still sending both patchsets in one wave so everyone can see where I am going
-> the atifs code is only enabled now if shaders are enabled and neither glsl 
nor arb fragment shaders are supported. This way atifs inherits only from the 
arb shader backend which avoids the 3 different backends. That way it is only 
available on r2x0 cards, which has always been its final destination anyway
-> The base atifs implementation that has the feature set of the current 
ARB_combiner fragment processing implementation is now in one patch to avoid 
dead code.

Ivan's main concern was how my shader_backend_t modifications would work with 
opengl3 and geometry shaders. The bottom line is that we ultimately don't 
know it for sure until we've actually tried implementing it, but I am 
optimistic that it will work, and I think it will work better than a 
separation into many objects. If it doesn't, it's most likely me anyway who 
has to fix it. I don't think there's any point in holding the patches back 
until I have a full d3d10 implementation and opengl3 is finalized, that will 
still take a while.

Ivan's other concern was that the name "shader_backend" is confusing, and we 
agreed to rename it to something that reflects is status better, 
like "opengl_pipeline_backend". However, I am not convinced that this is a 
proper name either, so we'll debate about that when he's back. The name is a 
cosmetic change anyway.
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