[11/13] WineD3D: Add a shader DLL init callback

Stefan Dösinger stefan at codeweavers.com
Sat Mar 22 09:16:59 CDT 2008

Note: I would love to initialize my modified state tables like this:

const StateEntry ModTable[] = {
OrigTable[0].rep, OrigTable[0].state,
OrigTable[1].rep, OrigTable[1].state,
ModifiedRep, ModifiedState,
OrigTable[2].rep, OrigTable[2].state
/* etc */

However, the compiler doesn't seem to like that, even though OrigTable is 
const as well. If anyone has a better suggestion, please bring it up. I don't 
like exporting the function pointers and copying the table, as this will 
cause update troubles if the original table is modified.
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