[PATCH 00/45] Revisiting WinHelp with RichEdit

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Sun Mar 23 04:16:10 CDT 2008

The following serie reimplements WinHelp using RichEdit as the
layout/rendering engine instead of a home grown one.

In more details, the changes are as follows:
- some user interface enhancements:
	+ ESC closes the program
	+ startup without arguments opens the file pickup dialog
	+ ability to zoom in/out
	+ new icon for winhelp
	+ support for icon out of .hlp file
	+ capacity to select and copy text to clipboard
- some fixes in .hlp file parsing:
	+ parsing of tables is now correct (was missing some cells)
	+ parsing of links with file & window name
- moved all .hlp file contents' rendering to a richedit (child) window
- hence, lots of graphical enhancements thanks to richedit:
	+ lots of paragraph formating
	+ enhanced tabs' support
	+ transparent bitmap support
	+ but still some improvements to be made to richedit (tables)
- references (for page, link...) now work when the link is within a
  page (was only working correctly at the top of the page)
- simplified some internal code:
	+ windows' layout & handling
	+ window creation
- lots of bug & memory leak fixes

Eric Pouech

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