gdi32: fix GetGlyphIndices to select properly the invalid char glyph for TrueType fonts

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Sun Mar 30 14:59:19 CDT 2008

  I'm no expert in fonts but I hope the patch is correct. Probably due 
to a bug the GetGlyphIndices was tested on the System font instead of a 
TrueType one (no SelectObject was called). For TrueType fonts we should 
return a glyph index instead of a char for the invalid char to display 

  (our Tahoma font provides a glyph for char 0x1f (which is the 
TEXTMETRIC.tmDefaultChar) what causes GetGlyphIndex(tmDefaultChar) != 
GetGlyphIndex(invalid char) but that seems to be a "feature" of the font 
and not something to fix in GetGlyphIndex).
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