widl: Consolidate writing of COM and dispatch interfaces into one function to remove duplicated code.

Robert Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Thu May 1 06:35:31 CDT 2008

Split up the writing into start and end to eventually support the style 
MIDL uses where it writes declared types, etc. between the start and end 
of the interface.

Make internal header functions take the file pointer to print to.

Don't write interface IDs for non-object interfaces and always write 
handle declarations even if the interface has no methods, like MIDL does.
  tools/widl/header.c |  199 
  tools/widl/header.h |    1 -
  tools/widl/parser.y |    4 +-
  3 files changed, 93 insertions(+), 111 deletions(-)
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