WineD3D: RemoveContextFromArray fix (fixes bug 12924)

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sat May 3 13:34:52 CDT 2008

Am Samstag, 3. Mai 2008 20:23:17 schrieb Roderick Colenbrander:
> Hi,
> RemoveContextFromArray forgot to check the last element in the array. This
> led to memory corruption (bug 12924) where wined3d started removing a
> pbuffer where none was created at all. This patch fixes it. The original
> bug was spotted by Peter Oberndorfer and for him a similar fixed some other
> program not sure which.
Maybe a comment would be helpful, reminding the reader that This->numContexts 
was decremented already and thus the <= is used. It took me a while to figure 
that out when reading the patch

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