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Tue May 6 09:43:17 CDT 2008


This is probably a bad timing to submit this patch because of
the code freeze... However I recently found that the client
updater of the game Megami Tensei Imagine
( was trying to make a backup of
the filename obtained from GetWindowModuleFileNameA, and then
it was failing because the stub returned an empty string.

Since the program name was printed in the debug logs (Starting
process %s ....) I've used the same way of retrieving the value
to fill the result in the 2 functions. However I'm not sure
about the return value of the W version since the MSDN website
doesn't detail it well if it's still counting bytes or


Denis Huguet.

Provides initial implementation of GetWindowModuleFileNameA and
GetWindowModuleFileNameW in user32 to replace the FIXME.

Download and install game from
then run the updater. If it fails, a message box appears, else
the update window appears.

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