[try 4][PATCH 1/2] user32/tests: Added test about minimal child window sizes.

Florian Köberle florian at fkoeberle.de
Thu Oct 2 15:18:25 CDT 2008

This patch adds a test case for bug 15188:

Changes since try 4:
* fixed typo in commit message (test->tests)
* rebase to current git
Changes since try 3:
+ I found out that the minimal child window size is "4 + 2*borderWidth"
by testing multiple values for some registery keys like
"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WindowMetrics\BorderWidth" on a
Windows XP machine. I don't know where the 4 comes from, but it could be
 hard coded in Windows too.
+ Test shares now the parent window with other tests.
+ Removed fake child window, as it actually resulted in a NULL window handle
+ checks for all return values

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