user32: Add the parameter bStatic in MDI_GetWindow to select the using child list

Ilya Shpigor shpigor at
Mon Oct 13 06:56:22 CDT 2008

	The wine have problem with the Ctrl+Shift+Tab switching between the MDI 
windows (switch only neghboring windows). I suppose, that reason of this is 
using the WIN_ListChildren in the MDI_GetWindow function. WIN_ListChildren 
return the child list with the variable sequence of elements. This sequence 
depends on the current active window.
	But in some cases we need this variable sequence. For example to determine 
the focused window after destroy other window.
	This patch add new parameter in MDI_GetWindow to check that child list are 
needed. There is the clientInfo->child using instead the WIN_ListChildren. 
Also some necessary changes in processing this list are added.

Best regards
        Ilya Shpigor.
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