[PATCH] shell32: print the correct GUIDs in the shellpath tests. (try 2) [resend]

Reece Dunn msclrhd at googlemail.com
Tue Oct 14 02:41:00 CDT 2008


 try 2 -- incorporated Juan's suggestion

The Vista and Win2008 test results
display nonsensical information:

> shellpath.c:555: Test failed: CSIDL_NETWORK: got GUID {f02c1a0d-be21-4350-88b0-7367fc96ef3c}, expected {f02c1a0d-be21-4350-88b0-7367fc96ef3c}

Clearly, the GUIDs printed are the same!

The reason for this is that the printGUID method returns a pointer to
static data. This works if the method is only called once per ok
check, but here it is called twice: once for guid and once for
shellGuid. Therefore, the value for shellGuid is returned twice.

With this change, I now get:

> shellpath.c:557: Test failed: CSIDL_NETWORK: got GUID {f02c1a0d-be21-4350-88b0-7367fc96ef3c}, expected {208d2c60-3aea-1069-a2d7-08002b30309d}

- Reece
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