[PATCH 02/12] LookupAccountNameW() - passes Expected SidTypeUser test

Paul Bryan Roberts pbronline-wine at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 20 18:03:30 CDT 2008

LookupAccountNameW() has a stubbed but non-empty, incomplete, buggy 
implementation.  It fails a number of unit tests but Wine code relies on 

This is series of patches that provide what may be a reasonable first 
pass implementation of LookupAccountNameA() and LookupAccountNameW() that:

   - passes existing units tests for LookupAccountName
   - works for well known SIDs
   - works for 'first user account'
   - allows progress towards the resolution of Bug 14334

This patch fixes one existing conformance test failure by prodiving an 
'out' value for the SID Name Use parameter for not-so-well-know SIDs.  
The analogous correction for well-known SIDs comes later.

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