appwiz.cpl: Use MS Shell Dlg instead of MS Sans Serif for dialog boxes

Owen Rudge owen at
Tue Oct 28 14:04:11 CDT 2008

MS Shell Dlg is the preferred font to use, instead of the bitmap font MS 
Sans Serif, for dialog boxes, as it can be alised to an appropriate font 
for internationalisation purposes, etc, and scales better when a higher 
dpi value is used. This patch updates the Add/Remove Programs control 
panel to use the correct font. Thanks to Vincent Povirk for letting me 
know about this.

  dlls/appwiz.cpl/En.rc |    4 ++--
  dlls/appwiz.cpl/Fr.rc |    4 ++--
  dlls/appwiz.cpl/Ko.rc |    4 ++--
  dlls/appwiz.cpl/Nl.rc |    4 ++--
  dlls/appwiz.cpl/No.rc |    4 ++--
  dlls/appwiz.cpl/Ru.rc |    4 ++--
  6 files changed, 12 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

Owen Rudge
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