user32: Changes in the MDI_GetWindow function

Ilya Shpigor shpigor at
Mon Sep 1 04:55:12 CDT 2008


I have problem with the switching between MDI windows. On <Ctrl> + <Tab> the 
work is correct, but on <Ctrl> + <Tab> + <Shift> we can switch only to the 
previous window (it work is the same as <Ctrl> + <Tab>, but in other 
direction in WinXP). 

I suppose, that problem with WIN_ListChildren function. It return the list of 
children with active one on the first place (0 element). For this reason 
there is the error in working GetWindow algorithm. 

Can this patch be correct to solve this problem? This is other way to get the 
list of children MDI windows.

 - user32/mdi.c

Best regards
        Ilya Shpigor.
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