[1/10 AcceptEx] Implements locatable async events

Scott Lindeneau slindeneau at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 16:08:57 CDT 2008

Implements create_async_l: Includes an addtional paramaterof type
obj_handle_t. This handle will act as a locator that can be used by the
second function implmented (async_wake_up_l).
Implements async_wake_up_l: Wakes up a specific operation according to
the additional paramater with the approprate locator.

This is necessary for AcceptEx because multiple objects will wait on a
queue of a single object. These objects may be deleted and have their
assosciated handles destroyed independently of the object whose queue
they are waiting on. This added functionality is the only change.

Implmentds DECL_HANDLER(register_async_l): Identical to register_async
but takes an addtional paramater of type obj_handle_t which will be used
as the locator for the async operation.

Adds register_async_l as a valid field_op

Changes for the DECL_HANDLER addtion above.
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