[quartz/tests] Fix the tests on several platforms

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 03:56:24 CDT 2008


The number of threads at the start differs per OS (W2K : 3, XP : 1, W2K3 : 2). 
So instead of relying on a fixed number we just store it and compare it at the end.

As the number of threads differs there is no use for the comment so I removed 
that and only the "curlevel == expected" is needed to pass on all the platforms 
I've tested.

The test at the end didn't fetch the number of threads so it was basically the 
same as the very first one. Wine doesn't succeed now and I had to add a todo_wine.

Most of the above can only be seen when a test.avi is present of course.

This fixes the tests on W2K and W2K3.

   Fix the tests on several platforms



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