explorer.exe: Implement SC_SCREENSAVE by starting xdg-screensaver

Paul Chitescu paulc at voip.null.ro
Wed Sep 10 10:02:57 CDT 2008

On Wednesday 10 September 2008 15:19:45 Steven Edwards wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 7:28 AM, Paul Chitescu <paulc at voip.null.ro> wrote:
> > Changelog:
> >        explorer.exe: Implement SC_SCREENSAVE by starting xdg-screensaver
> > with option to lock the screen.
> >
> > The desktop window reacts to SC_SCREENSAVE by starting the screen saver,
> > just like it happens in Windows. No action is taken (and returns FALSE)
> > if running in a virtual desktop.
> >
> > Alternatively, a non-zero lparam is used to signal that the screen should
> > be locked. This cooperates with the user32.dll patch that implements
> > LockWorkStation(). This is an extension, there is no equivalent in
> > Windows but all the programs I've seen that trigger the system screen
> > saver set lparam=0.
> You forgot to attach the patch. Also you can send both patches
> together as one diff. There is no reason to split them up in this
> case.

Yup, I was in a hurry to post it and run to fix something different (paying 

There is a reason to split them - they change unrelated code and can work 
independently. Plus, the wine list is so picky about large patches...


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