oleaut32[1/3]: make _argsize and _xsize receive the full TYPEDESC and parent ITypeInfo, use a different function in IDispatch code

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at zalewski.pl
Sat Sep 13 16:43:37 CDT 2008

  In these functions we will need the full TYPEINFO and ITypeInfo to 
support the VT_USERDEFINED. The dispatch code imported the _argsize 
function but there is no TYPEINFO in dispatch, so I created a new 
function (also, the dispatch function may need to have the whole VARIANT 
passed to support VT_RECORD and there are no VARIANTs when marshaling). 
I could move the common part of the _argsize and _dispargsize to a 
helper function but if I understand correctly the marshaling code will 
be moved on top of rpcrt4 so I thought it could be safer to make the 
dispatch code independent.
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