shell32: Revert c1f2824429286dd60fac723611b801e67eb745b1. It caused poor performance.

Ulrich Czekalla ulrich.czekalla at
Wed Sep 24 13:21:47 CDT 2008

Patch c1f2824429286dd60fac723611b801e67eb745b1 causes poor performance when
browsing a directory. In fact it has a side affect that when you browse the
root folder off of My Computer it will enumerate not only the root's
contents but each subfolder's contents as well in order to get a more
likely correct value for SFGAO_HASSUBFOLDER.

MSDN states that the SFGAO_HASSUBFOLDER flag is only advisory and it should
be returned when in doubt if computing will take too long. So I don't think
the check is worth the performance cost.

 dlls/shell32/shlfolder.c |   16 ----------------
 1 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
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