LookupAccountNameW() any account but first user rejected

Paul Bryan Roberts pbronline-wine at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Sep 26 05:56:39 CDT 2008

LookupAccountNameW() has a stubbed but non-empty, incomplete, buggy 
implementation.  It fails a number of unit tests but Wine code relies on 

This is the EIGHTH of a series of NINE patches that provide what may be 
a reasonable first pass implementation of LookupAccountNameA() and 
LookupAccountNameW() that:

    - works for well known SIDs
    - works for 'first user account'
    - adds handling of 'first user account' to LookupAccountSid
    - passes existing units tests for LookupAccountName
    - corrects knock-on regression failures in the advapit32/security.c 
unit tests (there may be others elsewhere)
    - allows progress towards the resolution of Bug 14334

Actually, that should read "... any not-so-well-known SID account ...".

By doing so, three more unit test failures become passes and we only 
have the two blocking failures left.

Pedantically, the patch should be rejected because the test on 
ADVAPI_IsLocalComputer(lpSystemName) isn't backed up by a unit test.

Of course it isn't, which is why the FIXME is there (I'm just following 
the precendent in LookupAccountSidW()).

Why are the new fixmes commented out ?  'cos I fear the pedants would 
reject a patch that could produce two fixmes for the same call and I was 
not yet ready to change the old fixme to a trace.  This is all resolved 
in the series denouement, coming next.

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