[resend] Patch for font size = 0x7fff in dialog templates

Koro webmaster at korosoft.net
Tue Sep 23 11:55:34 CDT 2008

This is a patch that fixes a discrepancy between WINE's dialog manager 
and the real Windows one. If, in a dialog template, (assuming DS_SETFONT 
is set) the font size is 0x7fff, it means that the dialog manager must 
use the message box font and not read the rest of the font data 
(facename and others) off the template.

This quirk is "documented" in a comment there, and I have myself 
confirmed this behavior with some of my code a few months ago: 

Sending patch as attachment because putting it inline would probably 
word-wrap it all over the place.

Credit the patch to Patrick Gauthier.
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