[3/4] msi: Fix ACTION_AppSearchDr on empty path.

Nicolas Le Cam niko.lecam at gmail.com
Tue Apr 21 16:30:28 CDT 2009

This one fixes msi DrLocator on empty paths, and consequently on
relative paths. This allows latest patch to be free of todo_wine for the
empty path corner case.

The problem was that deformat_string, which is called by
ACTION_ExpandAnyPath, is calling build_default_format on empty string,
producing something like L"1:  " as a result that was expanded with a
trailing backslash producing unexpected values.

Skipping ACTION_ExpandAnyPath on empty path resolves the problem but I
was needing my previous msi patch fixing MSI_RecordGetStringW (commit
e00d864a35ff9739fc55d73d869f69c0067d0bce) to be accepted to be able to
use the buffer size returned by MsiRecordGetStringW.

Nicolas Le Cam

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