[1/7] [wined3d] move creation of NP2 fixup uniforms into separate loop (retry)

Tobias Jakobi Liquid.Acid at gmx.net
Wed Apr 22 18:18:23 CDT 2009

Patchset to implement GLSL constant packing for the np2fixup code.

Second try, implementing the advices from Henri and Stefan. The constant cache was dropped and GL calls have been reduced.

ps_np2fixup_t is still stored in ps_compiled_shader and I have no intention to change this, since the ARB code is going to use the exact same structure.
Furthermore ps_np2fixup_t belongs to the GL fragment shader and only to it. It makes no sense to put it into prog_link, since that would create a lot of redundant information.
ps_np2fixup_t doesn't store any data that would make it dependant on the vshader that is coupled to the fragment shader. It's purely a fragment shader thing.

I'm going to post my ARB patchset (which is completed, works and has been tested with MP2, HL2 and FEAR) on wine-devel, so you people can have a better idea why it's good to have the struct in ps_compiled_shader and not somewhere else.


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