hhctrl.ocx: ensure that the topic within MSITStore url's begins with /

Vincent Povirk vincent at codeweavers.com
Thu Aug 6 11:15:05 CDT 2009

If a CHM file has a default topic something like index.html, we navigate to a url like mk:MSITStore:C:/helpfile.chm::index.html. This fails if index.html contains relative links (to something like contents.html), as UrlCombine does not form a sensible new url. We'd want mk:MSITStore:C:/helpfile.chm::contents.html, but we actually get mk:MSITStore:C:/helpfile.chm::index.html/contents.html.

UrlCombine on Windows does not create a usable url in this situation either.

The solution is to make sure we always have a url that UrlCombine can properly handle, something like mk:MSITStore:C:/helpfile.chm::/index.html.
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