[1/13] include: add definitions needed for WIC bitmap encoding

Vincent Povirk vincent at codeweavers.com
Tue Aug 11 18:23:08 CDT 2009

This patchset represents a bit of divergence from the Plan. In order to rewrite gdiplus bitmaps based on WIC later, I'll need to remove references to IPicture objects from as many functions as possible. GdipSaveImageToStream should be rewritten based on GdipBitmapLockBits, but currently it relies on the ability to get a bitmap info header from GDI. This needs to change. Given that gdiplus bitmap encoders will have to go through WIC eventually, it seems a waste of time to fix up the built-in encoder first.

So far I just have a minimal BMP encoder and no actual glue for gdiplus.
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