advapi32: GetNamedSecurityInfoExA Stub

Paul Bryan Roberts pbronline-wine at
Mon Feb 16 01:35:53 CST 2009

I guess this stub falls in to the 'not obviously correct' category.

I could do with some feedback on what might be an acceptable patch.

For bug 14334 some kind of implementation of this routine is necessary - 
I have used a native Windows debugger to confirm this routine is called 
during the course of a successful native Windows (2k) installation.

For bug 14334 it seems this stub is sufficient.

The installer asks the WIN API if this routine exists and baulks if it 
does not.  I suppose there may be other installers / applications that 
ask the same question but install anyway.  I suppose these may be upset 
by the stub.  No way of knowing without trying.  This 
application/installer version is 7-8 years old and the installer appears 
to be home-grown - no InstallShield, no .cab files, one small .msi file 
and all the application files are in plain view on the CD.

Would an attempt at a full implementation (with conformance tests 
naturally) be required ?

Could this be done entirely in terms of what already exists or would 
something new have to be added to Wine ?

Could this be done entirely client side or would it require 
modifications to the Wine server ?

A way to avoid this issue altogether is to install 'under' Windows 98.  
This works for native Windows but not Wine.  This installer insists on 
terminating the application if it is already running.  Unfortunately, 
under Wine, the installer thinks it is the application and commits suicide.

Would it perhaps be more productive for me to try to fix this problem ?  
If so, where should I start looking ?

Have a nice one.

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