wcmd: Handle batch scripts containing quotes within quotes

Erich Hoover ehoover at mines.edu
Sun Jan 11 16:51:04 CST 2009

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    Erich Hoover
    Batch scripts in cmd.exe should be able to handle "multiple
quoting" of parameters.  This patch only fixes an example I ran into
where Athena Visual Studio calls an application to log another
    EC ""ALG01.EXE" > "ALG01.ERR" 2>&1"
    Previously the redirect was not being considered quoted, resulting
in an interpretation problem.  In this process I discovered that
cmd.exe should also be able to handle some other instances of
"multiple quoting" in a batch script, such as:
    cmd /c ""C:\Space Separated Folder\msiexec.exe" /?"
    However, I have not explored this instance enough to warrant a
patch (the behavior appears to be inconsistent between executables and
batch files).
    wcmd: Handle batch scripts containing quotes within quotes
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