[mlang/tests] Prevent messing up the codepages on Win98

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Fri Jul 3 06:28:03 CDT 2009


Turns out that the IsCodePageInstallable function sometimes messes up
the codepages on Win98. The net effect is that some oleaut32 tests fail
and you are no longer able to change the Regional Settings (a reboot
fixes this again).

The tests are now actually skipped on win9x and winME but I don't think
it's worth the effort to narrow this further down. Hans already said
that IsCodePageInstallable is used by IE7 (which is not available for

The behaviour is very strange. I've tested the following scenario's
(without the patch) and after reverting to a clean VMware Snapshot:

- Start "Regional Settings", run mlang tests -> OK
- Run oleaut32 tests and then mlang tests -> OK
- Run mlang tests -> oleaut32 tests fail and regional settings are a mess

   Prevent messing up the codepages on Win98



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