notepad: remove leading spaces on newlines

Austin English austinenglish at
Wed Jul 8 19:02:31 CDT 2009

Should've been combined with yesterday's patch, but slipped by.

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diff --git a/programs/notepad/En.rc b/programs/notepad/En.rc
index 3c4d052..f0bf9d6 100644
--- a/programs/notepad/En.rc
+++ b/programs/notepad/En.rc
@@ -120,14 +120,13 @@ STRING_TOOLARGE,                                "File '%s' is too large for note
 Please use a different editor."
 STRING_NOTEXT,                                  "You didn't enter any text. \
 \nPlease type something and try again"
-STRING_DOESNOTEXIST,                            "File '%s'\ndoes not exist\n\n \
+STRING_DOESNOTEXIST,                            "File '%s' does not exist\n\n \
 Do you want to create a new file ?"
-STRING_NOTSAVED,                                "File '%s'\nhas been modified\n\n \
+STRING_NOTSAVED,                                "File '%s' has been modified\n\n \
 Would you like to save the changes ?"
 STRING_NOTFOUND,                                        "'%s' could not be found."
 STRING_OUT_OF_MEMORY,                   "Not enough memory to complete this \
-task.\nClose one or more applications to increase the amount of\nfree \
+task.\nClose one or more applications to increase the amount of free memory."
 STRING_UNICODE_LE,     "Unicode (UTF-16)"
 STRING_UNICODE_BE,     "Unicode (UTF-16 big-endian)"

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