[transl] Retrieve the locale names from kernel32 instead of the conf files

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Thu Jul 16 04:41:38 CDT 2009


(Is dependent on "[transl] Get rid of the [hide] parameter in the conf 

This patch retrieves the locale names from the kernel32 resources. This 
is again a step into getting rid of the conf directory. It uses most of 
code currently found in devel/dump-locales.php

get_locale_name() and get_lang_name() are essentially the same now. I 
didn't want to touch the rest of the code yet by introducing only one 
variation. It's also maybe needed if we want to override some of the 
locale names.

As stated before. There will be some visual changes to the names:

conf-dir                 kernel32
========                 ========
Chinese (Simplified)     Chinese (PRC)
Chinese (Traditional)    Chinese (Taiwan)
English (US)             English (United States)
English (Neutral)        English
Portugese (Brazilian)    Portuguese (Brazil)
Portugese (Portugal)     Portuguese (Portugal)

If this is acceptable then I will merge get_locale_name() and 
get_lang_name() in future patches. If not, then this patch should not be 
applied and I will sent one where get_lang_name() uses the old behavior 
(for now, until a better override mechanism is in place).

   Retrieve the locale names from kernel32 instead of the conf files


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