[2/4] [wined3d] add ps_np2fixup_info_t structure

Tobias Jakobi liquid.acid at gmx.net
Tue Jun 16 03:19:15 CDT 2009

Hi Stefan,

thanks for your remarks! Changing the typedef thing is not a problem.

Your statement about idx is partially right. I could just change this to
a unsigned char both for ARB and GLSL code. Both now use PARAM / uniform
arrays and therefore have the fixup data in a consecutive way. Since we
burn at most 8 constants (MAX_FRAGMENT_SAMPLERS / 2) changing the type
to unsigned char should be fine.

To make things clear. GLSL code uses the "raw" ps_np2fixup_info_t
structure. The ARB code introduces a struct arb_ps_np2fixup_info which
contains ps_np2fixup_info_t and a UINT offset.

I didn't put offset in ps_np2fixup_info_t since only ARB needs it.
Placing the definition of ps_np2fixup_info_t inside the header was
mostly done so I don't have to duplicate the comments and maintain an
almost identical struct in two files.

I hope this is fine with you (and Henri of course, since he was the one
who had the most problems with putting something like that in the header).

Anyway, have you thought about the temporary issue in ARB mode?


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