Patch to fix bug 17619 - GetDriveTypeW reporting C: as a network share if /home is an NFS share

Forest Hale lordhavoc at
Sat Mar 7 13:13:27 CST 2009

I happen to agree with that sentiment, but Wine creates ~/.wine/drive_c and configures it as C:, for the sake of all common users this is correct.

To force C: to be a fixed drive is not harmful in any case I can think of.

It does not help if you set up wine with an installation in another drive letter, but that is a separate issue.

Francois Gouget wrote:
> On Fri, 6 Mar 2009, Forest Hale wrote:
>> Fixed GetDriveTypeW to always report C: as DRIVE_FIXED, preventing problems with the Steam installer if /home is a network share or other special mount.
>> +    if (root && (root[0] == 'C' || root[0] == 'c')) return DRIVE_FIXED;
> I think you should not hardcode the c: drive here. Something based on 
> GetSystemDirectory(), GetWindowsDirectory() or one of their relatives 
> would be better (not sure exactly which should be used).

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