Patch to fix bug 17619 - GetDriveTypeW reporting C: as a network share if /home is an NFS share

Forest Hale lordhavoc at
Mon Mar 9 23:24:45 CDT 2009

Ben Klein wrote:
> You're wrong there, it's DRIVE_UNKNOWN, which is the autodetect thing
> (I haven't looked into it in detail, but something is *correctly*
> autodetecting your drive C: as a network drive).
> I'm still pretty sure kernel32 isn't the right place for forcing drive
> type. Maybe someone more experienced can comment?

I can't think of any case where you would want C: to be reported as a non-fixed drive - I suspect Windows may behave this way even if it was installed to a removable disk - and as far as wine users
are concerned, the C: drive should be a fixed drive.

More importantly my patch should not introduce any secondary bugs, and that was my top priority.

You say it reports DRIVE_UNKNOWN, but create_drive_devices uses this logic:
        drive_type = i < 2 ? DEVICE_FLOPPY : DEVICE_HARDDISK_VOL;
        if (drives_key)

To me it was pretty clear that all drives without a registry value are going to show up as DEVICE_HARDDISK_VOL, which translates to DRIVE_FIXED, which means that the "auto-detect" type is not being
used on drives without an override value (and winecfg stores no registry value for drives set to auto-detect, so it can only be set with regedit).

I was afraid of changing that logic due to the probability of introducing new bugs, and thought that someone who knows that code should tackle that when they have time.

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