[advapi32/tests] Add tests for reading and writing to a real eventlog (Try2)

Paul Vriens paul.vriens.wine at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 06:26:32 CST 2009


(Try2 removes some whitespaces, sorry about that).

Took a bit longer as expected as I had to cope with all the Windows 
flavors out there. Hardly any of these tests run on Wine as we are 
bailing out early due to missing registry entries.

This patch is meant to give it some more exposure instead of just my 

The only thing present after running the tests would be an eventlog file 
that will be (automatically) removed after a reboot.

The tests serve more as an documentation exercise and not so much stuff 
we want/need to replicate in our documentation.

I'd appreciate if someone could take a look at how I test the alignment 

The end result of our implementation should be that our eventlogs can be 
read by Windows eventvwr.exe (or other tools out there) and that most of 
the tests succeed.

I'm also still not sure whether we should implement eventlog like 
pre-Vista (through services.exe) or Vista+ (svchost). Eventlogs created 
by Vista (through the older eventlog API) can't be read on older Windows 
versions btw.

   Add tests for reading and writing to a real eventlog



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