rsaenh: Revert part of d3c482250a8232e9657ecefb3e61fff0194e3fbe

Juan Lang juan.lang at
Tue Oct 20 11:24:14 CDT 2009

Commit d3c482250a8232e9657ecefb3e61fff0194e3fbe added a test that
showed that the default provider should accept RC2 keys of up to 128
bits in length.  The trouble is the fix was wrong:  the default
provider in Wine was the base cryptographic provider, but it has been
the enhanced cryptographic provider for some time in Windows.  The
enhanced provider in Wine already supported 128 bit RC2 keys, and the
test also used the default provider.  Commit
7a6381e852a4daf0bbc77ffcb9da3bd85002e1d8 made the enhanced provider
the default, so the test succeeds without this portion of the patch

The base cryptographic provider on Windows does indeed have these
limits, which you can see if you enumerate the providers.  (See e.g.
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