winealsa.drv: Waveout rewrite to allow multiple waveopens

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Fri Apr 23 10:57:22 CDT 2010

After coming across a few applications that need multiple waveopens, 
I've decided to try to port winemmaudio.drv to use alsa, and got this as 
result. :) Initialisation in waveinit.c has stayed untouched, to afraid 
breaking anything, although that entire code could be replaced by a 
simple function of 30 lines or so..

Currently I intentionally didn't reimplement waveout volume settings, 
since this will cause wine to set the global volume for all applications 
on that sound card. If people complain I'll add the 2 small calls needed 
for it.
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