gdi32: "StretchDIBits" with value of zero for "xSrc" and "ySrc"

Mathias Kosch info at
Mon Apr 26 09:40:30 CDT 2010

This patch fixes Bug#13344.

The function "StretchDIBits" behaves odd in case of "top-down" bitmaps
and certain coordinates and dimensions. Tests using Windows Server
2003 shew that in this particular case the source rectangle is
selected starting at the upper left corner of the bitmap. In all other
cases the rectangle is aligned to the bottom of the bitmap.

I provided a test case which tests several combinations, especially
those with some of the values set to zero. The test case doesn't check
all related input values, for simplicity. It passes under "Windows
Server 2003 R2 SP2" and Wine 1.1.43 with this path applied.
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