winmm/tests: Initial tests for CD audio with the MCI.

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Fri Aug 20 06:19:22 CDT 2010

[now in winmm/tests/ instead of mcicda/]

this is [4/4] of my first mcicda series of patches.

Its various predecessors have been tested on a variety of real w95, w2k, wxp, w7 machines.
It's been tested on testbot, including Greg's exclusively-for-me configuration with an extra .iso fs.
It's been tested with blank disks, no disks, DVDs, audio-only CD-ROM, data-only and mixed CD-ROMs.
It's even been tested with Wine ;)
It's been tested on MacOS as well (but it cannot play the music).
It's been tested in the dosdevices/d:: (self-configured) as well as
               the manual dosdevices/d:->/media/cdrom setting (and pure HD fakes).
   (It seems that currently, Wine does not correctly auto-configure an audio CD-ROM,
    causing it to skip half the tests!)
It's never been tested with alcohol, penicillin or any other kind of virtual CD-ROM.

Known issues:
 - if there's an audio-CD, it's going to make noise - users may be surprised!
 - it costs ~10 seconds, but should end before any test time-out kicks in.
 - start position is possibly not only 00:02:00, 02:33 or 03:00.
   Let's see what test.winehq will find out about it.
 - mcicda.c:318: Test failed: resume without play: 0=NOERROR
   only known to occur with Greg's .iso configuration in vmware.
   I don't want to silence it yet and instead see if it happens elsewhere as well.

I have more patches planned, as mcicda is not free of bugs yet.

 Jörg Höhle
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