[PATCH 00/12] Console object revamping

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at orange.fr
Sat Aug 28 06:14:31 CDT 2010

As already mentionned, Wine management of console when run without wineconsole
isn't perfect.
The main issue is that a CUI program, when started with wine (and not wineconsole),
gets for its standard handles objects linked to files (which are the linked to fd
0, 1, 2).
This triggers a couple of bugs (see for example #5541, or #13189).
The attached set of patches does the following:
- allow to attach a fd to a console object (either input or output)
- when a CUI is started with wine (and not wineconsole) attach the standard
  handles to those console objects

It should fix:
- #5541 and #13189
- a couple of redirection issues: wine foo > bar shall correctly start foo with
  its standard output being a file handle to bar

Eric Pouech

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