oleaut32: Add the color table address checking for BI_BITFIELDS compression

Ilya Shpigor shpigor at etersoft.ru
Wed Dec 29 05:26:28 CST 2010


I have faced with situation when the BITMAPINFO bmiColors field overruns the 
bitmap header boundary in OLEPictureImpl_LoadDIB function.

Address of the bits buffer beginning is BITMAPFILEHEADER plus bfOffBits value 
(as MSDN said). But in my application this address was the same as address of 
the BITMAPINFO bmiColors field.

I think that application doesn't fill bmiColors fields, but set BI_BITFIELDS 
compression and Wine must correctly process this data

Is this checking able to be the correct solution for this problem?

Best regards,
Ilya Shpigor.
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