msvcrt: Fix __lconv_init() prototype

Nikolay Sivov nsivov at
Thu Jun 10 19:03:49 CDT 2010

Testing app from I spotted 
that __lconv_init() called within _initterm_e() makes it fail
or non-zero return value. That makes me think that it should be void, 
but return some error code instead.
A corresponding trace:
trace:msvcr90:_initterm_e calling 0x24d2b8
0009:Call msvcrt.__lconv_init() ret=7e7140d5
0009:Ret  msvcrt.__lconv_init() retval=7e798c20 ret=7e7140d5
trace:msvcr90:_initterm_e function 0x24d2b8 failed: 0x7e798c20
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