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 en/winedev-architecture.sgml |   36 ++++--------------------------------
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diff --git a/en/winedev-architecture.sgml b/en/winedev-architecture.sgml
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--- a/en/winedev-architecture.sgml
+++ b/en/winedev-architecture.sgml
@@ -686,7 +686,7 @@
 	  This document mainly deals with the status of current DLL
-	  support by Wine.  The Wine ini file currently supports
+	  support by Wine.  <filename>Winecfg</filename> currently supports
 	  settings to change the load order of DLLs.  The load order
 	  depends on several issues, which results in different settings
 	  for various DLLs.
@@ -761,13 +761,6 @@
 	  <title>Load Order for DLLs</title>
-	    Using the DLL sections from the wine configuration file, the
-	    load order can be tweaked to a high degree. In general it is
-	    advised not to change the settings of the configuration
-	    file. The default configuration specifies the right load
-	    order for the most important DLLs.
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
 	    The default load order follows this algorithm: for all DLLs
 	    which have a fully-functional Wine implementation, or where
 	    the native DLL is known not to work, the built-in library
@@ -775,30 +768,9 @@
 	    takes load-order precedence.
-	    The <varname>DefaultLoadOrder</varname> from the
-	    [DllDefaults] section specifies for all DLLs which version
-	    to try first. See manpage for explanation of the arguments.
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    The [DllOverrides] section deals with DLLs, which need a
-	    different-from-default treatment. 
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    The [DllPairs] section is for DLLs, which must be loaded in
-	    pairs. In general, these are DLLs for either 16-bit or
-	    32-bit applications. In most cases in Windows, the 32-bit
-	    version cannot be used without its 16-bit counterpart. For
-	    Wine, it is customary that the 16-bit implementations rely
-	    on the 32-bit implementations and cast the results back to
-	    16-bit arguments. Changing anything in this section is bound
-	    to result in errors.
-	  </para>
-	  <para>
-	    For the future, the Wine implementation of Windows DLL seems
-	    to head towards unifying the 16 and 32 bit DLLs wherever
-	    possible, resulting in larger DLLs.  They are stored in the
-	    <filename>dlls/</filename> subdirectory using the 32-bit
-	    name.
+	    See <ulink url="http://www.winehq.org/docs/wineusr-guide/">
+	    The Wine User Guide</ulink> for informations
+	    on how to change the settings.

Best Regards, André Hentschel

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