dlls/oledb32: added conversions for I1, I8, UI2, DEC and GetConversionSize

Andreas Pflug pflug at pse-consulting.de
Thu Nov 18 06:05:34 CST 2010

This complements my previous post, which is included for completeness' 
sake below (0001-OLEDB-xxx)

convert_DataConvert is extended for the types DBTYPE_I1, DBTYPE_I8 
,DBTYPE_UI2, DBTYPE_DECIMAL. The conversions are performed using the 
OLEAUT32-Functions VarXXXFromYYY, as far as they exist which made this 
mostly a carefully handled copy/paste job.

Conversion DBTYPE_TIMESTAMP<->DBTYPE_DATE have been successfully tested 
using a commercial app (HIW Rendite 10).

GetConversionLength has been implemented trivially for fixed-length 
dstTypes, and partially for var-length types (as far as the app required 

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Betreff: 	dlls/oledb32: added conversions for R8,BOOL,DATE,DBTIMESTAMP
Datum: 	Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:45:25 +0100
Von: 	Andreas Pflug <pflug at pse-consulting.de>
An: 	wine-patches at winehq.org

convert_DataConvert now know the types DBTYPE_R8, DBTYPE_BOOL,
DBTYPE_DATE and will convert from all source types supported by
VarXXXFromYYY functions.
DBTYPE_TIMESTAMP is supported to convert from and to DBTYPE_DATE.
get_length is extended accordingly.

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