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 templates/en/devel.template     |    9 ---
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diff --git a/templates/en/devel.template b/templates/en/devel.template
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--- a/templates/en/devel.template
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@@ -144,15 +144,6 @@ various resources available for our developers.</p>
   <tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
-        <a href="{$root}/resources">Resources</a>
-    </td>
-    <td valign="top">
-        More development resources.
-    </td>
-  </tr>
-  <tr bgcolor="#ffffff">
-    <td>
         <a href="">WineConf</a>
     <td valign="top">
diff --git a/templates/en/resources.template b/templates/en/resources.template
deleted file mode 100644
index b33cb2a..0000000
--- a/templates/en/resources.template
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,131 +0,0 @@
-<!--BLURB:[Resources for Wine Developers]-->
-<h1 class="title">Resources</h1>
-       <big> Wine </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href=""></a> Cross-referenced marked up source
-         <li><a href=""></a> GitWeb interface to the Wine source
-         <li><a href="">Wine API</a> Automatically generated Wine API documentation
-         <li><a href="">API db</a> Cross-reference of Wine APIs with many Windows versions
-       </ul>
-       <a name="win32" class="hidden"><big>Win32</big></a> 
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href="">Win32 API Tutorial</a> If you know nothing about Windows, you can't do worse than
-          start here.
-         <li><a href="">MSDN Online</a> Microsoft's new site.
-         <li><a href="">DirectX</a> Multimedia API for games, etc.
-         <li>The Open32 API is the subset of Win32 implemented by IBM's OS/2 Merlin. Open32 provides source code
-         compatibility, which the <a href="">Odin</a> project (formerly Win32-OS/2)
-         plans on extending to full binary compatibility.
-	     <li><a href="">Undocumented Windows 95</a>
-         <li><a href="">System Internals</a>
-	         Utilities and information related to low-level hacking of NT and 95. Once was called NT Internals.
-	     <li><a href="">Wotsit's Format</a> Website devoted to file formats
-       </ul>
-       <big> Windows 3.x </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href="">ECMA-234</a>
-         The official <a href="">European Computer Manufacturer's Association</a> specification of the Windows API. Known as APIW while it was in
-         draft.
-         <li><a href="">DOS Interrupts</a> Ralf Brown's exhaustive and famous Interrupt List 
-	     <li><a href="">Garbo</a> DOS archives
-       </ul>
-       <big> Unix </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li>Version <a href="">3</a> of the single Unix Specification.
-         <li><a href="">LDP</a> Linux documentation project. Vast resource.
-         <li><a href="">FreeBSD man pages</a> 
-         <li><a href="">LinuxThreads</a>
-         <li><a href="">Linux Threads FAQ</a>
-       </ul>
-       <big> X </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href="">X Sites</a> Ken Lee's list of all things X related
-     	 <li><a href=";PAGE_user_op=view_page&amp;PAGE_id=35&amp;cont=xresources.html">X resource pages</a> courtesy of The Motif Zone
-	     <li><a href="">The Motif Zone</a> Lots of solid X information, in addition to information about toolkits like Motif.
-         <li><a href="">ICCCM</a> How X programs are
-              supposed to talk to each other
-         <li><a href="">X specs</a> The definition of X. Covers X11R6.8.1
-         <li>Jim Breen's <a href="">japanese</a> page has lots of good internationalization links
-       </ul>
-       <a name="fonts" class="hidden"><big> Fonts </big></a>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href="">TTF on Linux HOWTO</a>
-         <li><a href="">Charset info</a> From Microsoft.
-         <li>comp.fonts<a href="">FAQ</a>
-         <li><a href="">Panose 2.0</a> Font spec
-         <li><a href="">X11R6 Fonts</a> X is more typographically capable than it appears, as is made clear in this paper by Nathan Meyers.
-         <li><a href="">FreeType</a> Free TrueType font engine
-	     <li><a href="">t1lib</a> PostScript T1 font engine, extracted and improved
-	          from X11 sources.
-         <li><a href="">TTFtoT42</a> Use TTF with Postscript rasterizers
-    	 <li><a href="">TrueDoc sample</a> Antialiasing and subpixel positioning sales pitch
-	     <li><a href="">Unicode Info</a> From Roman Czybora.
-         <li>Charles Bigelow, <i>Scientific American</i>, 1983.
-         <li><a href="">Subpixel antialiasing</a> Everything old is new again
-       </ul>
-       <big> C </big>
-       <ul>
-	    <li><a href="">C/C++ Resources</a> From the Association of C & C++ Users.
-        <li><a href="">Programming in C</a> Standards, suggestions, and trivia.
-             If you're curious about Unicode and <tt>&lt;wctype.h&gt;</tt>,
-             see <a href="">Normative Addendum 1</a>.
-       </ul>
-       <big> x86 Assembly </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href=""></a> Another one.
-         <li><a href="">Intel Secrets</a> What Intel doesn't want you to know
-         <li><a href="">Intel Documentation</a> What Intel does want you to know -- how to write code for their chips.
-         <li>A link to the <a href="">Intel performance libraries</a>
-       </ul>
-       <big> Books </big>
-       Book links are courtesy of <a href=""></a>.
-       <ul>
-         <li><a name="w95secrets"
-         href="">Windows
-         95 System Programming Secrets</a> by <a href="">Matt Pietrek</a>, IDG Books,
-         1995. A solid reference on selected aspects of the
-         implementation of Windows 95. Out of print, but available as of
-       	 98-07-31 at <a href="">Barnes &amp; Noble</a> for 15 USD. 
-         <li><a href="">Windows
-         Internals: The Implementation of the Windows Operating System</a>, Matt Pietrek, Addison-Wesley, 1993.
-         <li><a href="">Unauthorized Windows 95</a> by <a href="">Andrew Schulman</a>. Out of print.
-         <li><a href="">Undocumented Windows</a> by <a href="">Andrew Schulman</a>, Maxey, and Pietrek.
-         <li><a href="">Windows
-         Assembly Language & Systems Programming: 16- and 32-bit
-         Low-Level Programming for the PC and Windows</a> Berry Kauler, Miller Freeman, 1997.
-         <li><a href="">Windows 95 Win 32 Programming API Bible</a>
-             One of several Win32 API references.
-         <li><a href="">Inside Windows NT</a>
-             Second Edition. David Solomon, Microsoft Press, 1998. Many changes from Helen Custer's First Edition.
-         <li><a href="">Undocumented DOS: a programmer's guide to reserved MS-DOS functions and
-         data structures</a> Andrew Schulman, et. al. Addison-Wesley, 1990.
-         <li><a href="">The
-       	  FreeDOS Kernel</a> An MS-DOS emulator for platform independence and
-       	 embedded systems development
-       </ul>
-       <big> Usenet </big>
-       <ul>
-         <li><a href=""></a>
-         <li><a href="">Archive</a>, courtesy of <a href="">Google Groups</a>
-         <li><a href="">Backfiles, 1994-1996</a> On Dag's site
-         <li><a	href="*">Google Groups</a>
-         Search Google Groups for Wine references <i>not</i> in <a href="">c.e.m.w.</a>
-       </ul>


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