Hebrew: update

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Aug 22 07:25:02 CDT 2011

>  #: crypt32.rc:182
>  msgid "KeyID="
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "KeyID="

I think you should really translate 'KeyID' In French it was translated 
to 'ID de clé'. So assuming there is a Hebrew word for 'key' then this 
would not remain as is.

> -"\t/i {package|productcode} [property]\n"
> -"\t/package {package|productcode} [property]\n"
> +"\t/i {package|product_code} [property]\n"
> +"\t/package {package|product_code} [property]\n"

Ideally you should translate the user-replaceable strings like 'package' 
and 'productcode'. But option names such as '/package' should remain as 
is of course.

>  msgid "DirectX Diagnostic Tool"
> -msgstr ""
> +msgstr "DirectX Diagnostic Tool"

This is sort of a product name os it's always a bit dicey. Still, 
wouldn't it be better if 'Diagnostic Tool' was translated? At 
non-English speakers would understand what the purpose of the tool it.

>  "/Unix        Use a Unix filename and start the file like windows explorer.\n"
>  "/ProgIDOpen  Open a document using the following progID.\n"
>  "/L           Show end-user license.\n"
> +"/?           Display this help and exit.\n"
>  "\n"
>  "start.exe version 0.2 Copyright (C) 2003, Dan Kegel\n"
>  "Start comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for details run with /L option.\n"

Nothing is translated here. This whole msgstr should be removed.

>  msgid "RENAME <filename> renames a file.\n"
> -msgstr "RENAME <filename> renames a file\n"
> +msgstr "RENAME <filename> renames a file.\n"
>  msgid "VER displays the version of cmd you are running.\n"
> -msgstr "VER displays the version of cmd you are running\n"
> +msgstr "VER displays the version of cmd you are running.\n"
>  msgstr ""
> +"ENDLOCAL ends localization of environment changes in a batch file\n"
> +"which were introduced by a preceding SETLOCAL.\n"
> -msgstr "%s : File Not Found\n"
> +msgstr "%s: File Not Found\n"
[...a lot more...]

These are not translated and do not have their place in a PO file. They 
will prevent future translators working on this file from knowing what 
has been translated.

These totally prevent the patch from going in as is. Please fix it and 

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